Saturday, May 17, 2014

The River Only Flows Forward

The river only flows forward,
The wind hardly turns back to see,
There is no way to unwind,
The plant that grows to be a tree

The earth never pauses to mourn
the stones that are turned to dust,
Great mountains wither
But in life forward is a must..

The rain that travels the sky
Knows all seas must dry some day
But forward is where the river goes
And it always finds a way…

My Lover Has A Girlfriend

My lover has a girlfriend
Her hair as dark as coal
He comes to me in secret
And gifts her frocks and gold

My lover has a girlfriend
Her eyes as cold as ice
He says she is his regret
But he is not averse to lies

My lover has a girlfriend
She doesn’t know I exist
Cos he always pulls the blanket
While we are at it

My lover has a girlfriend,
Supposedly smart,
But I know her man better than her
I’m the queen of his heart!

 He lies he cheats
He looks for cheap thrills
He has a tendency to stray
While I know him to the marrow of his bones
She is clueless about his days

My lover has a girlfriend
But he doesn’t knock on her door,
When in doubt or in sorrow
He comes to me like he is four!

My lover has a girlfriend,
Perhaps he loves her too,
Whomever he loves, whatever he does
None knows him better than I do

My lover has a girlfriend,
She thinks she is his rose
But what a thrill, to kiss her man
Right under her nose!

At The End of A Rainbow

We were playing with fire,
Covering ourselves with something
As thin as shadows,
Writing our names on water,
When the rainbow bloomed
In a fractured sky
Throwing us off balance, breathless,
And days broke into dances,
And we were two children,
With stolen mangoes, hiding in the corners of the street,
When the rainbow bloomed
And suddenly we were no longer in rags,
Cracked concrete walls oozed colours,
And we were in a Dali painting
Beautiful and short lived, across a grey sky
Lonely and cloudless, fading,
No pot of gold lay waiting
Only the broken hearted leprechaun
With the memory of a rainbow
Reflected in his tears…