Sunday, October 21, 2012

When it Hurts

When it hurts,
Just bite into the hurt,
As though it were a bitter plum,
Chew it for the price you paid
And swallow,
Swallow till you go numb..

And if you do it everytime I say,
You would develop a taste for it,
Bitter plums thrown your way,
Pick it all in a basket,
Find a deserted place,

Eat by yourself,
The red juicy plums,
And the bitterness would dribble through
The corners of your lips,

Trembling in lonely fears,
It’s a world with no time for tears,
Eating the plums,

Chewing the bites,
Everyone by themselves,

Every time it hurts...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For him who loves them

Naked electronic women,
Don’t sweat,
Nor do they cook or clean,
There is no poetry in
Their Oohs and AAhs
And that’s pretty much
All their vocabulary.

They won’t make you
A pepper sprinkled cardamom tea
To break your cough,
Or tear their pallu
To cool your burning fever

They won’t leave chits of love
in your lunch box,
under your cycle, in your car,
notebooks, laptops , anywhere
They have no guarded treasures,
No secrets, no surprises
That’s not open for any man but you,
Nor do their hearts palpitate
At the thoughts of you..

Of course , they won’t be annoying
As you say,
They hardly fret for you, about you,
Hardly get jealous,
Hardly worry if you ate or slept,
Hardly  bore you with their tears.

Naked electronic women
Flawless, as Barbie dolls,
Don’t sweat, or fret or cry,
Nor have they loved You,

Haunt Me Not

Haunt me not, you nameless orphan,
It was not me who killed you,
It was not I who drowned you in accusations,
And burned you with suspicion

I didnt break your sweet blue veins,
Nor twist your arms,
Nor slapped you on the cheeks I kissed,
It was not me,
who forgot your roots that lay
entangled in my mirthless heartsrtings,
Or turned deaf to your voice
that was once the sweetest nector
to my wretched ears

Haunt me not,
Haunt me not, I pray you,
I am as much killed as you are,
As much dead and numb,
Guileless and Innocent,
A wicked child that ran into
the forbidden woods,
A wicked wicked child who laughed
in blood and in tears

Haunt me not,
You that sprang from me,
You that from me was snatched,
wilting in his arms, rusting with time,
A flame,
dying in my own abandonment and desperation,
Haunt me not.


There is a cup of tea.
yeah, it's there. Right on the table.
Dont you see it? Don't you?. That's your cup of tea. Go on now. Go on. Drink it all up. I made it for you and now you have no choice. I wont let all that sugar, milk and my effort in making it go waste.

Soul, where are you?. I've been screaming my lungs out for you. Come on now. Don't you dare infuriate me. It's your long dark tea time. Stop roaming around this forsaken galaxy. And come home. Come home now. You know you can do nothing about it. This filth and decadence. Don't stay out long. Filth has a reputation for getting under your skin and crawling beneath it. I cant keep repeating this over and over, again and again.

Drink that tea up. It's your cup of tea.
And I made it for you.

A Room With No Doors

Trapped am I,
In this room with no doors,
No candles to
scare the darkness away
Every brick that I chose
With this very hands
Piling up neatly
One over the other
Chosing the paint,
the smell, the feeling
Building the palace
of my dreams.

when tired
and resting against the wall,
against the mist of my foggy breath,
I saw for the first time,
my palace was a prisonhouse.
And my agony lashing the darkness,
 And all her echoes,
hitting the cold walls of my heart..