Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Haunt Me Not

Haunt me not, you nameless orphan,
It was not me who killed you,
It was not I who drowned you in accusations,
And burned you with suspicion

I didnt break your sweet blue veins,
Nor twist your arms,
Nor slapped you on the cheeks I kissed,
It was not me,
who forgot your roots that lay
entangled in my mirthless heartsrtings,
Or turned deaf to your voice
that was once the sweetest nector
to my wretched ears

Haunt me not,
Haunt me not, I pray you,
I am as much killed as you are,
As much dead and numb,
Guileless and Innocent,
A wicked child that ran into
the forbidden woods,
A wicked wicked child who laughed
in blood and in tears

Haunt me not,
You that sprang from me,
You that from me was snatched,
wilting in his arms, rusting with time,
A flame,
dying in my own abandonment and desperation,
Haunt me not.

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