Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For him who loves them

Naked electronic women,
Don’t sweat,
Nor do they cook or clean,
There is no poetry in
Their Oohs and AAhs
And that’s pretty much
All their vocabulary.

They won’t make you
A pepper sprinkled cardamom tea
To break your cough,
Or tear their pallu
To cool your burning fever

They won’t leave chits of love
in your lunch box,
under your cycle, in your car,
notebooks, laptops , anywhere
They have no guarded treasures,
No secrets, no surprises
That’s not open for any man but you,
Nor do their hearts palpitate
At the thoughts of you..

Of course , they won’t be annoying
As you say,
They hardly fret for you, about you,
Hardly get jealous,
Hardly worry if you ate or slept,
Hardly  bore you with their tears.

Naked electronic women
Flawless, as Barbie dolls,
Don’t sweat, or fret or cry,
Nor have they loved You,

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