Wednesday, January 27, 2010


To be or not to be- that’s the question.
After much thought I have finally started a blog. The first choice was which site to choose. Why did I choose blogspot? May be because that’s what all my friends chose or may be cause of the simple reason that I somehow find it cute. The blue background with the blend of orange and white seems to have captivated my heart. The creating of the blog part was kinda easy. Fill up a few forms, press a button or two here and there and lo! Your blog is ready.
Now comes the classic problem that each blogger faces. WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? Before I go into that let me tell you what inspired me to take such a ‘brave’ step as to start a blog. Let’s just say, lately there has been a lot of instances when I felt like pouring my heart out to someone and nobody seems to have time for it. And on top of that there is this constant fear of being misunderstood or judged. And again, by the looks of it I think these ‘instances’ are not going to end any soon. Sometimes you just need to talk and the possibility that there might be someone out there who is listening and may be even understanding and empathising with you and what you want to say is quite reassuring. Because you don’t know me, you can’t judge me even if you wanted to. And because you don’t judge me I would feel free to share whatever I want to share and say what I want to say.
Aah.. so where was I again?. Yes, the question of what to write about. It caught me like how it would have caught all bloggers ever born and all those who are yet to be born. I thought for a while. What should I right about?...Stories? Poems? Politics? Movies? Food?...... What?. There are so many things on our small little planet to talk about and just so many people to talk about them. Yes, there are just so many people who can talk about all those. And then after much contemplation I decided what to write on- Being me. Dont worry, this is not going to be a bragger’s blog with me going on blah balhing about what is going on in my minuscule life. I have decided to put in a few poems and stories now and then. Then articles, anecdotes and sometimes during one of those ‘instances’ whatever that my heart feels like saying.
All I want is the feeling that someone out there is listening. That as the ‘windows’ of my comp opens, it opens to a big big world with lot many people out there, older and younger than me, from different cultures and races, yet probably sharing the same underlying emotions that binds us all.
Looks like I have finally finished my first blog entry. It wasn’t that difficult, the classic blogger’s dilemma. I enjoyed solving it. I hope you enjoyed reading it too. Each moment, stay connected. Stay alive.

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  1. nice to know 'the lesser known' in you when 'your' heart speaks..:)