Monday, April 5, 2010


I was wandering
In myriad nights,
Under the stars and the moon,
And caught, each drop of dew
that fell from the sky

In the morns, when,
the horizon was crimson,
I dipped,
and emerged as a red bird
And flew in the bright blue sky

Night no longer remained
My feathers fell to the land beneath,
And there were red pools of thick water,
The blue sky was reflected red,
And slowly turned dark.

I saw the stars in the pool,
And swirled and flew,
higher and higher,
Until I was a step away,
and reached out,
and plucked a lonely star
from the depressing darkness
and hid it in my heart.


  1. Well gone...keep going..

  2. do u own a time did u get the date August 5 2010 when its still April

  3. the melancholy mill continues to grind ... i remember a line u wrote to me once ... picture abhi baki hai mere dost!

  4. great imagery. nice work :)

    ...a bit cluttered though. improvement will make it really poignant.