Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Writing You

 I have with me the blue ink of the oceans,
And secrets fluttering in the wind
Like careless abandoned chits of paper,
Let me write you.

I could steal the words
Waiting in the womb of time,
And adorn you, so when they are born
They are you and only you,
Let me write you

I have caught the majestic, the magnificent,
From the wonders that are only yours to be,
The cadences and the curves, the sunsets and sunrises
That are all you,
And I am writing you,

Gliding from the end of my fingers,
A curl of smoke in an endless expanse of meanings,
Sailing from word to word, letter to letter..


You are a beautiful poem of silences and sighs
And this,
A mere expanse of whiteness bereft of you…

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