Monday, November 24, 2014


I was a flower, out in the sun,
Wilting and withering, torn by the wind,
I was a rainbow, across a sea,
I looked at the ocean, it mangled my face,
Then I grew wings, an eagle in the sky,
Casting my shadow on a minuscule world,
Sailing so high, fire on my back,
Breaking my strings, I jump from the stage
Pointed fingers, they roll their eyes,
An impudent puppet, a master displeased
Murmurs and whisperings, perched on a branch,
I shed my petals, I grow iron scales,
I was a flower, I was a bird,
I was an angel, now a ball of falling light,
Somewhere along, nova explodes,
I look at the ocean, find myself no more,
Once a flower, no longer scorched,
Nothing can burn me, I own my own songs.

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