Sunday, February 21, 2010


( These poem was written by me around 6 months back, I have come a long way since that time. So many things have changed in life, circumstances, friends, beliefs, relationships, outlook, my style and field of writing. Yet this poem continues to be very special to me for a lot of reasons. I felt I should put it on my blog and share it with you. For unless I do that I felt I will be leaving out the most important ingredient in my secret recipes... )


You sit across the silent room,
I try to hear your heart, but
all I hear are random words,
born from the tip of your tongue
And not the bottom of your soul,
You rob me of my sleep,
and sleep when I am with you

Clueless I stand, wishing,
you spoke with your heart, not brain,
I stray alone in no man’s land,
You shake me with your voice,
Delude me with false hopes,
I let you toy with my emotions,
to know you forever,
And you call me possessive.

You cheat me with your silence,
And bend me with your words,
And bind me with your smile,
Intimate stranger,
I have seen bubbles of trust burst before,
endured many a loss,
Opened up and got hurt in turn,
Yet I believe you like a baby,
And you call me childish.

How do I know who you are?
These few paces, seem miles apart,
You devour my thoughts,
I relive my memories for you,
knowing well that you take me for granted.
I know you are far, in a world different from mine,
dreaming to climb up the ladder,
And here I am, learning to love,
hoping to meet you at the next corner!


  1. truly a potent secret recipe! once again its about standing on those dreaded crossroads of "to be or not to be...". i have been in a similar position, and penned these lines last sunday, which incidentally was valentins's day:

    The path of divergence has been our fate,
    The feelings are blurred - neither love nor hate,
    But times of yore do come sweeping by,
    Whose memories have never faded but stayed.

    Its true that I sometimes wished you were mine,
    Its true that I always waited for a sign,
    In your heart you'd know what you have to know,
    But in my heart forever, you are my valentine!

    Not exactly similar to what you ve said in ur poem, but tending towards that .... great work!

  2. nice poem...
    Uncertainty is definitely not my favourite place to be in. Looks like it not quite yours either. :) Our poems are not exactly about the same thing as you mentioned. I mean the similar position aspect. I was more afraid of being misguided, than hopeful. heh heh

  3. @ desert rose: ya i agree we both are stuck in the middle of a jungle and both wanna head out, but in different directions. mayb yours is a more sound approach, but as they say, its called falling in love because you never plan to fall ...