Thursday, February 25, 2010


She was cast on the lips,
when the heart tore with vile,
and heat emanated from within
In the fury, to kill or die.

She was cast again there,
when the green eyed monster peeked its head,
twitched the soul in that ancient cry,
When outshone by another’s light.

Again she reigned on the lips,
When contempt bred in the mind,
And laughed, hands in hands with some,
While the other, returned her twin.

Smile found herself on the lips,
And never in the eyes or heart,
Pushed on an alien stage, for an alien role,
Confused, she hid her self in the dark

Deprived, a true identity and soul
Like a deserted queen she wailed,
Displaced from her golden throne and raped,
Smile, stood alone, and cried.


  1. superb stuff as usual! using a personified smile is a masterstroke. the phenomenon of made-up appearances has been dealt by me in a poem. i ve mailed it to u.

  2. thanks... i chked my mail..u sent a mail WITHOUT the poem ..heh heh...Be a lil more careful next time :)