Monday, September 5, 2011


"Hush", he said.

She was merely noticing his shivering shadows underneath the street light. And how it circled him with each step he took.

You know, Orion had eyes of green gold. An Orionless sky was so unthinkable to her. Why would there be a sky without the fleeing hunter? Hunter with the heart of a lover. Hunter in the sky.

"It's getting colder"

She knew he wanted to get a room. Female intuition you see. Or was it just plain old commonsense carefully discarded by the road side. She tripped on it and fell. On the sense, I mean. Or the lack of it.

Wayside inns don't come in so cheap anymore. And dewy grass, a night under a starry sky, such stuff dont sell. Not even on Disney channel. So you'd better have money with you, I say.

"Do you have a rubber?"

Why would she? What are you in, kindergarten?

Men, she thought.Ever and always the same. And then her thoughts drifted. To the one who had disappeared from the skies. Orion, the most beautiful man ever to have lived. The mighty hunter, the untiring dancer, the lover of gods...

" Stop thinking, will you?" he hissed.

She knew he would not understand. When had he understood anyway? But she didnt want to chain her thoughts. Or abort them in the womb of her consciousness.

"Orion died in the skies", she whispered. He was killed by what was born of his dreams

"See if you find any medical store near by"

She knew what you wanted.

But skies dont have medical stores. And her eyes were still there.




For a man with the heart of a woman.

* * * * * *

Now, that can never be you. Cant it, Mister?