Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Death of a dear death

Death died a gruesome death, following the funeral of fear.

Funeral of fear, funeral of fear.

Death died slowly, worms kissed him and his body stank

His body stank, his body stank

Death died, in shame in torture he was raped

he was raped, he was raped

Death died the death of a fat whore

a fat whore , a fat whore

Death died all by himself, no one cried

no one cried, no none cried

Death died a dead death I was at his funeral

at his funeral, at his funeral

Death died, and lay shriveled in his coffin

in his coffin, in his coffin

Death died, I was there, only me

only me, only me

Death died, I miss him, I cry

I cry, I cry

Death died, death died, my beloved death, he died.

And I am alone, am alone, alone...


  1. Profound. Makes me think of mortality and morality all in one.

  2. Well, was that sarcasm?.. cos this poem is a result of my extreme boredom. I wouldn't attach much literary merit to it. Apart from the rhythm perhaps. If you started singing it that is.