Thursday, June 14, 2012


Yes, I am terrified of ghosts,
of those lingering shadows
that break my sleep and
fill my eyes with frightful tears
touching the back of my neck
with cold breaths of death

I am terrified when shivering
I see them look through my
blanket and see a cowering me inside
bundled up like a baby
I know they can see me
See through me and see
how afraid I am, even when i try to
fool them with the calmness of sleep

And in those afternoons,
when the sun breaks in through the corridors
I can feel them all around me
waiting inside the walls
in wisps and smoke
waiting to take shape and pounce on me...
ghosts of everything that
lives inside me
everyone that passed through me
everyone that even in their leaving
refused to leave and left their
traces all over me....

Finding me back,
finding me crumbled and shriveled,
in the summer days of life,
cold and lifeless,
ghosts of the dead and the living,
And me terrified and alone,
under the safety of a withering blanket...

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