Thursday, June 14, 2012


I had a face,
I liked it very much, you didn't
and in the comforting loneliness
of my dressing room
I tore it with a thousand needles,
and in every drop of blood that spilled
I saw your smile
and in that smile i saw my happiness

And then with time i had another,
a subtler one, with creases
invading it in places,
though at moments i missed my old one
i liked it with a calm serene affection,
you didn't,
you refused to like the face and its homely creases
and in the helplessness of a smoky kitchen
i immersed it in fire,
and in every agonizing blister that marred me
i saw your smile
and in that smile i saw my happiness...

And then i found myself another face,
and then another,
and again, and again,
till i was the empress of a thousand faces,
tired of killing and creating,
marring and healing,
and alone in my kingdom,
waiting on your kingly smile..

Yet you refused to be happy,
and in your rejection, hurt
i danced alone on the bonfire of faces,
and every face i burned
consumed me, and together
a thousand faces became me
and in that unison i engulfed you,
you burned inside me,
slowly as your bones poped in the fire
they laughed and smiled, my faces..
And in their smile I found my happiness...

(Entry for Saarang Writing Awards 2013)

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  1. Bow to thee for such an excellent piece.
    - Waiting for ur next anthology of poems