Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Hillside

Haunted hillsides and me,
Pebbles beneath the feet,
hurting the burdened steps,
eyes fixed on the peak..

Running from wrinkled hands
splitting the heart , grabbing me
pits of hell inside,
soon the peak I would reach..

And then I shouted aloud,
waited for the responding sound
the valleys stood silent,
the peak was dead and cold

The  wailing returned to my heart,
there was no one on the otherside,
ignored, trapped, suffocated,
the weep just ringed inside..

Empty shells of thoughts,
no  voice, no sighs, no love,
a cold and lifeless peak,
echoless valleys..

The mind, restless and lost,
to each, a memory, a ghost,
broken sleep, nightmares and dreams,
haunted hillsides and me..

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