Sunday, December 28, 2014

Disconcerted Spectator

The train stops
Strangers flood the seats
Suddenly I am one of them
Weaving a web of silent ruminations
Blind eyes wide open

I like to think of my days
As stones piled across railway tracks
Disconcerted spectators
Impassively watching life's theatrics
Same journey different destinations
Knowing not all roads lead to Rome
Some lead to broken homes
Others to a warm meal and a smile

Indifferent eyes all around me
 running away,  returning
Everyone always in the pursuit of something
Powdering their miseries with electronics and literature,
Unmistakable desperation nesting in their eyes
Tapping their fingers,
Adjusting their wind blown hair,
Jealously guarding their  baggages from sight,
Disconcerted spectators,
Always all around me.

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