Wednesday, December 24, 2014


And it was at night that you found me,
When winter had left me alone,
and the wind had swept the snow
into my missed fortune, you found me,
little bearer of light,
you danced in crazy circles,
hopped and hummed, like none other,
and then, like a flake of snow,
you rested on my arms,
I could say you were looking at me,
Luminous, your eyes,
You sought no laughter, no smile,
I closed my palms around you
Caging your light, all for mine,
All for mine,
Fly, I said,
You refused,
Fly, I will crush you,
You stayed,
And then with the snow swept wind
I pushed you to the skies,
In circles you turned back,
I ignored, I sighed,
A hundred winters hence,
And the lesser mortal I am,
I look up the skies,
You have become a star,
You shine,
And the world shines with you....

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