Thursday, March 11, 2010


Point your fingers,
anywhere but on the mirror,
and murmur
"you are the reason''.

The true reason, for a while,
can be hidden in your closet
with other skeletons for company.
Together they will silence him,
and truth shall be a latecomer again.

But someday all the reasons
would collide among themselves,
gain momentum,
and fly swiftly past your
pointed finger,
and shatter your own mirror.

The closets will be thrown open,
and the skeletons will have the last laugh,
watching your distorted figure,
reflected in the shattered crystals,
scattered across the floor.


  1. well said!! the poem has a strange physical quality to it. Adds to the sheer weight of the prophecy ...

  2. Yea, what u told me is true!!kanja...Ha ha ha...

  3. @ Anonymous : who is this? and what did i tell u??

  4. ur mom dear!!Forgot? u told ur good poems comes frm ur unconsciuosness....

  5. ops sorry !! heh heh
    but this one was written with a very conscious mind, and you already know the source of inspiration ;).

  6. thts a pretty hilarious exchange between a mom and daughter ..... :D

  7. good one maalu.. :)

  8. Congras. With very few lines you colud convey a universal theme applicable to every individual. Really your a gifted writer. Otherwise you would n't have been able to use images like 'mirror' and 'closet' which I strongly believe added multi dimensions to the inner meaning of the content of the poem. You deserve 5/10 for this poem. Really a good piece of creation.

  9. @ catch me : thankx. :) btw who is this? ( i understand the irony of asking a masked man (or woman) who he (or she) is ;) )

  10. I follow your philosophy. In fact that was mine too! 'Sometimes you just need to talk and the possibility that there might be someone out there who is listening and may be even understanding and empathising with you and what you want to say is quite reassuring. Because you don’t know me, you can’t judge me even if you wanted to. And because you don’t judge me I would feel free to share whatever I want to share and say what I want to say'.SO MY DEAR FRIEND DON'T BE WORRIED ABOUT WHO IAM