Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Right now I am feeling very much relived. Ahh! it feels great to be done with all the exams. Specially when you cram 2 months of philosophy portions in two days.

I am feeling pretty pleased with myself now. I mean, I cant say I did the exam well or anything. Obviously. But still I could meet the challenge. The paper was decent enough I guess. Anyway it is done. And I am happy.

The happiest part is, over the last two days, I realised how fascinating Philosophy is. It is awesome. So many thoughts that have occurred to me in the past, I could find elaborate theories on them. Which means, there has been minds in the past that shared very similar thoughts with mine. Here by past I mean some 2000-3000 years back. Solipsism for example. Solipsism is the theory that states that only our mind exists. Everything that we see around us may be a dream. That may be the creation of our mind. How can we be sure that we are not dreaming at this moment? What is life is just a long persistent dream and death is the awakening from it ?It is just so awesome ! I have decided to go through my text book all over again, this time for understanding and enjoying philosophy.

Philosophy is like a magic world and each philosopher is a magician. Thoughts are the wands and theories are the spells. The fact that human thoughts are linked by an underlying chain. The whole concept of thought itself is so beautiful. Contemplation. The act of thinking in itself is so satisfying.

But I must also say that there were quite some philosophers who seriously pissed me off. Specially with their views on women and people of a lower social position( you can expect posts on them soon enough). I mean I agree it is a long time ago and all, but how can they be so outrageous in their views ! Now you may ask me, what is the point in criticising them now that they are dead and gone.My answer is, they exercised their freedom of expression then, I am just exercising mine now.

I think I would be obsessed with philosophy atleast for another month. Cant wait to share my findings and views with you. As and when I come across interesting stuff I will keep posting. I am still in the thrill of rediscovering an interest that was latent for so long. Some how life seems to become a little more colourful. :)


  1. I have gone through your entire posts..on primaface u r a really talented writer blessed with beautiful language and rich thoughts...solipsism what u have refered ( i am not clear with that terminology) is well mentioned in hindu philosophy, in gita and upnishads..that this life what v endure is a dream, more precisely 'maya'and the very concept of time is nothing but a deep sleep and death is a deliverence from 'maya' where the real life or 'moksha' begins...i'm more happy that u have got through all those painful dialemmas and have reached the bank where u can see u more clearly....ur personal and social responsibilities..yeah, i knew u would defenitely get through..bcoz as i reminded u earlier ' clouds have to move on, and a clearer sky will appear..." and i pray let this clarity rest for ever and ever, my u know who i am..heh..heh..( yeah, ur guess is right)...

  2. i guess u r one of those endangered species of individuals who actually strive to derive something meaningful out of their text books, instead of seeing them merely as an obnoxious path to acceptable (or more!) grade cards. Good going ... Philosophy is indeed such a subject, trust it to test your very concepts of existence and awareness .... waiting for your enlightening / indicting / patronizing posts ...

  3. you begin to blossom.wait for more meanings.