Monday, March 8, 2010


If hating was easy,
I could have hated you
until the last leaf of winter withered away.
I could strike you with words,
toss you with deeds,
and seek pleasure in your wounds.

If cursing was easier,
I could have wished you pain,
Until the clock stopped ticking,
And watched you twitch in misery,
As my prophecy came true.

If revenge was a cake walk,
I could have stabbed you a thousand times,
Seeking strength from all those memories,
where you hid your smirk, and
made me play the fool.

If forgetting was quick,
I could spare myself
these uncertain moments, that always
come hand in hand with bitterness
and encase me with void.

But as this green dot
blinks beside your name,
My fingers melt,
I forget my lines and spellings,
No voice comes out, no curse,
Heart twitches, and fails to hate.

If hating was easier, my dear,
If an attempt atleast wasn't so excruciating,
I could have hated you,
Until the last leaf of winter withered away.


  1. Come out...Remembrance is a hard place to rest...move forward,to those lovely woods waiting for u..thats it...keep dear!

  2. hey anonymous ;) stop quoting my poems ok? First clouds now remembrance. I know you love my poems a lot, but quoting my own poems against my new ones is kinda getting on to my nerves..heh heh :)

    ( athe, please stop making such comments my dear. Comment from the literary point of view. please dont talk like a counsellor. this is exactly why i didn give you my blog id before. now dont make me regret it. )

  3. the juggernaut rolls on ... gtalk entering poetic parlance is sth new!! mayb the most complicated situation is when the dot changes from green to a white-dashed red, refuses to go grey and doesn't seem to ever turn amber, isnt it??

  4. @ parijat : :) u got it right. The inspiration was gtalk. But one can also interpret it in another way. The fact that there is a green dot against the name shows that the person is alive, he/she is making his/her presence felt. It can mean each moment they are alive and your path crosses with theirs.

  5. yes this is almost exactly what i meant. a grey dot is a definitive condition, a red dot is avoidance and escapism, and an amber dot is,in ur own words, indifference ...

  6. If writing was easier I would have written a poem like this!!!!!(Though I know It is your cup of tea and not mine).
    Most of the times ve value others with yard sticks that we are familiar, forgetting we ourselves are making mistakes by atributing glory to those who really don't deserve it. And later we have to become sad realising our own mistakes. I feel this may be the agony god gave to human kind. In animal kingdom one of the reasons why poets are not born may be they don't have any yardsticks to misjudge those who wear masks in their community. (Just I was joking, anyway you could come up with a good poem).