Friday, March 5, 2010


Is it possible,
That these shadows thrown on the wall,
shall stay forever?
In the morning I looked,
and found a block of black,
like ink splattered, formless, yet one
Identities merged, indiscernible.

And as the sun moved through
the pathway of eternal time,
Slowly, they parted,
One, two and many,
swaying now and then,
Until the whole wall was scattered
with black outlines of reality.

Then as time passed,
they seeked the borders of the white wall,
and vanished,
Leaving plain white and nothingness.
I reflect,
The white seems whiter
with black here and there, than alone.

And then the night sets.
And the shadows come back again,
and play their games on my wall,
Blending into one,
The darkness spreads, and I know,
They shall drown in it,
And I shall sleep,
this perpetual togetherness.


  1. i liked the smile..but what does it mean?

  2. u ll have to come online for that ...

  3. The white seems whiter
    with black here and there, than alone.


    And shadows do haunt us even after the sun has set.

  4. Shadows! yea,they take different shapes,dimensions and sharpness according to the movement of time...only time has command on them, not they...but without them what this life would look like!life will no longer remain a life..It seem to be well symphalized poem abt perceptions of mind...but its time to come out of your shell and watch the world, my dear...keepwriting..i guess u know who is this!!